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iThrive Essentials

Liquid Vitamin D3+K2 Drops in MCT Oil

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iThrive Essentials' presents the New & improved Vitamin D3 plus K2 liquid drops in MCT Oil.

QTY - 50 mL Liquid x 2 Bottles (BUY 1 GET 1 FREE OFFER)

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iThrive’s new & improved Liquid Vitamin D3+k2 in MCT Oil combines the most bioavailable forms of Vitamin D3 (plant source) and the patented Vitamin K2 (MK-7  MenaquinoneGold® 
) to enhance nutrient absorption while making it super easy to consume.Vitamin D and Vitamin K work synergistically to support strong bones, immune health, and heart health. Another speciality of this product is that it doesn't contain any fillers, preservatives & additives.


 Benefits of Vitamin D3 + K2 : 

• Supports strong bones and teeth. 

• Promotes a healthy immune system. 

• Improves cardiovascular health. 

• Improves mood. 

• Helps support bone and soft tissue elasticity. 

• Helps remove calcification.

• Supports calcium metabolism. 



Unique Features: 










What is so unique about iThrive's Vitamin D with the K2 supplement? 

The name is a little oversimplified as it contains D3, MK 7 form of vitamin K2, & MCT – all from wild-crafted, natural sources & in optimal dosages. Used liquid-filled technology for enhanced absorption. That means not just dumping a boatload of D that’s going to pass right through your system. iThrive understands what it means to make healthy, functional, holistic, and actually cost-effective supplements, so if you need your Vitamin D, this is the go-to. 


Suggested Use: Take two drops daily post-breakfast or post-lunch under the tongue or mixed with water or as directed by a healthcare professional.   


Please note: This product is 3rd Party lab tested.


Why should everyone supplement with vitamin D3?

Vitamin D is a keystone vitamin. The problem is, most humans don’t get enough of it. Most people don’t get outdoors in the sun to get their Vitamin D naturally and when they do, they slather themselves in sunscreen. 

And let’s face it, we aren’t eating healthy fish or organ meats all that often either. On the other hand, our lab's results for mostly all the clients have shown prevalent vitamin D deficiency. That makes Vitamin D one of the most popular & essential supplements out there and most of them are absolute junk. You see, the body won’t absorb whatever vitamins you’re taking as supplements unless you’re getting other essential nutrients. Your approach to vitamins - like every other aspect of your health - needs to be functional. You can’t think of them in isolation and that is why most store-bought vitamins aren’t worth the money you’re paying. 

Now you know us – if you can get it in nature, that’s the best way to do it! There are so many other benefits to getting out in the sun and feeling its warm embrace, but we know that’s not always possible (especially if you’re WFH!!). 

So when you can’t get your sun or other sources of vitamin D, our recommendation is to look for Vitamin D3 + K2 when selecting vitamin D supplements.


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