• iThrive Essentials Dietary Supplements

    Formulated By India’s Leading Functional Nutrition Practitioners.

    • Pure

      No harmful fillers, additives, or preservatives.

    • Potent

      The most bioavailable forms of nutrients for effective absorption.

    • Proven

      Quick and noticeable effects, every time.

Essentials Team

Meet the Faces Behind Supplements Revolution!

  • Mugdha Pradhan

    CEO & Founder - iThrive

  • Avinash Deshmukh


  • Suyash Bhandari

    Chief of Essentials

  • Pranav Kumar

    Head of Growth

  • Aditya Sangore

    R&D Supplements

  • Javed Sayyad

    Supply Chain Executive

  • Srushti Sukhdeve

    Customer Care Executive