iThrive Essentials Natural Immune Support Supplement - Strengthen Your Immunity | 120 Capsules
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  • Description

    Label Padhega India!

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    Elevate Your Immunity Naturally with Immune Support

     With a foundation of 99% clean and pure ingredients, this supplement harnesses the strength of our exclusive anti-microbial botanical blend. It combines the potent benefits of 18 botanical herbal extracts, Vitamin C, and citrus bioflavonoids, targeting your entire GI tract to maintain microbial balance. Whether it's fungi, bacteria, viruses, or parasites, our supplement is designed to tackle them, enhancing biofilm cleansing, immunomodulation, healthy digestion, elimination, and detoxification.


    What's New in Our Natural Immune Support Supplement Formula?

    The Benefits That Set Us Apart


    Our natural immune support supplement offers comprehensive benefits for your health:

    1. Gut Health: Tackles unwanted organisms to enhance your gut's well-being.
    2. Biofilm Disruption: Efficiently breaks down biofilms for a balanced microbial environment.
    3. Beneficial Organism Growth: Selectively boosts the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.
    4. Immunomodulatory: Supports a balanced immune response for overall health.
    5. Antimicrobial Action: Addresses occasional overgrowths, maintaining balance even in the stomach's acidic conditions.


    Packaging and Usage


    Each package provides a one-month supply with 120 capsules. For optimal results, start with 2 capsules per day, gradually increasing to 2 capsules twice daily or as advised by your healthcare professional. It's designed for convenience, suitable to take with meals or on an empty stomach.


    Safety First


    While our Natural Immune Support Supplement is designed for maximum benefit, it's not recommended during pregnancy. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement, particularly if you are nursing, have a medical condition, or are on medication. Discontinue use if adverse reactions occur.


    Embrace a balanced and healthy lifestyle with our Natural Immune Support Supplement, and take a significant step towards bolstering your natural defenses today.

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