Zonulin Stool Test by Diagnostics Solutions Lab USA
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  • Description

    iThrive Essentials in collaboration with Diagnostics Solutions Lab USA presents Zolulin Stool Test.

    The Zonulin Profile from Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory uses an easy-to-collect, stool sample to evaluate dysbiosis and intestinal permeability. Zonulin is a protein that opens intercellular tight junctions in the gut lining (the connections between epithelial cells that make up the gastrointestinal lining).

    Zonulin increases intestinal permeability in the jejunum and ileum and is considered a biomarker for barrier permeability.

    Sample required : Stool Sample.

    Zonulin Sample report : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Zaiq1TxGftyMl6BnfYeQsac7yXU9Vn2p/view


    How is the test done?

    • Confirm the test with us and pay 100% in advance for this test. We will send you a test kit to collect a stool sample. The Kit contains all information and tools to collect the sample. Our team will also guide you on how to collect the sample, required documents for international shipping. Once you have collected the stool sample, we will help you setup a FedEx pickup from your home. FedEx will ship the sample to the lab in the USA and will charge Rs.3000/- for this. These charges have to be paid separately after you have confirmed a pickup date for the sample.

     For any queries or doubts regarding the test please contact : +91 89565 35768 (Aditya)

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