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iThrive Essentials H.pylori Elimination Kit

iThrive Essentials H.pylori Elimination Kit

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H. Pylori Elimination Kit: 60 days support to eradicate H. Pylori from your Gut

This kit contains:
2 x H. Pylori Probiotics
2 x H. Pylori Herbal Support
2 x Activated Charcoal

Support your gut health with iThrive Essentials H Pylori Probiotics.

Our unique blend of 4 powerful strains directly competes with H. pylori while helping restore your gut microbiome.

  • Enhanced H. pylori Treatment: Experience a significant reduction in the side effects of standard H. pylori treatment with antibiotics, making it easier to complete your therapy.

  • Boosted Treatment Success: Studies show a 10-15% increase in treatment success rates when probiotics are combined with antibiotic therapy, compared to antibiotics alone.

  • Gut Microbiota Correction: Our probiotics help suppress H. pylori in the stomach and improve digestive discomfort by rectifying the stomach microbiota.

  • Long-Term Wellness: Continual probiotic use may reduce the risk of developing conditions related to gastric inflammation resulting from H. pylori infection, including ulcers, gastritis, and even cancer.


  • Proprietary Blend of 4 Probiotic Strains

H Pylori Support formula is a combination of potent medicinal herbs (like berberine, goldenseal, oregano, myrrh, etc) and salt (bismuth citrate) that are effective in alleviating gastric ulcers and gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining) by strengthening the immune system.

This combination is designed to target the microorganism (Helicobacter pylori) that has been shown to be associated with stomach ulcers.

-Our product contains Zero preservatives, fillers and additives.
-Special targeted support for eliminating H.pylori Bacteria.

Benefits of the H.pylori Support Formula :

  • Helps Eradicate recurrent H pylori
  • Provides Relief from Acid Reflux & Heartburn
  • Improves acidity symptoms
  • Helps Restore the stomach mucosal layer
  • Helps Maintains a healthy Gut microbiome

If you struggle with digestive discomfort, high-gas-producing foods, or simply seek a natural detoxifier, our activated charcoal is your solution. Order today and experience the relief and comfort you deserve.


- Gentle on the Stomach: Say goodbye to digestive discomfort! Our activated charcoal is stomach-friendly and safe, with no known side effects.

- Rapid Relief: Need quick relief from gas, pressure, bloating, or discomfort? iThrive Essentials has you covered.

- Natural Digestion Support: Promote natural digestion and maintain a healthy digestive function with our quality activated charcoal.

- Powerful Absorbent: Our charcoal is a natural detoxifier, capable of binding unwanted materials and supporting a toxin-free system.


- Activated Charcoal (500mg)
- HPMC Veg Capsule

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