Self-Decode Health DNA Test Kit - Genetic Testing Kit for Health Insights & Personalized Results
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  • Description
    • Easy Process: The SelfDecode saliva DNA kit is an at-home DNA test that goes beyond your 23 chromosomes to provide personalized health insights in a few easy steps.

    • Genetic Predispositions: Discover your unique genetic tendencies for hundreds of health issues with our advanced health DNA test kit.

    • Personalized Insights: Our DNA test reveals important insights about your health so that you can make informed decisions about what health actions are best for you.

    • Impact and Evidence: Each insight has a score to tell you about the effectiveness and evidence behind it. These scores are based on peer-reviewed research combined with our AI-driven algorithms & data from your DNA testing kit.

    • Privacy and Security: Your DNA belongs to you. We keep it that way. The information obtained from our DNA test kits is encrypted, anonymized, and always remains in your control.

      Why should we go for the Genetic Test?

      The advancement in DNA testing has supported the emergence of a new scientific approach to wellness. Once thought to be rare, everyone has some level of genetic variation in their DNA. This genetic variation may impact your ability to make and use different nutrients critical for digestion, detoxification, tolerance to gluten, blood sugar regulation, mitochondrial function, free radical production/premature aging, master antioxidant production and much more.

      This genetic test helps us to get a raw data of our genes and we put that data into DNA interpretation platforms like Self-Decode which interprets the DNA data and tells us about our genetic mutations and based on that it tells us about the likelihood of developing a particular health condition.Based on that we can provide guidance to an individual on what nutrients he can take to prevent the development of these health conditions or fixing current health conditions.

      What Reports will be provided to you as a patient from our side ? 

      1) Personality Traits PDFs :  (You will be provided PDF documents of health issues/conditions that you are most prone to which are based on your genetics).

      2) Bio-Hacker Report PFDs: You will be provided PDF documents of genetic predispositions for single genes, amino acids, neurotransmitters and other popular biohacking areas which are based on your genetics).

      3) Medical Report PDFs : (You will be provided PDF documents of personality traits you will most likely have based on your genetics).

      Please note: No reports will be provided other than those mentioned above. If you have any doubts please contact our team using the contact details below.


      How does this test work ? 

      1) You purchase this test from us, and we ship the test kit to your house.

      2) Once you receive the kit, you inform us of a date of collection and we will book the sample pickup from your home on the same day.

      3) Collection instructions will be shared in the kit itself.The sample required is a saliva sample and can be collected your yourself without any professional help.

      4) Once the sample is collected, the pickup person will come to your home to collect the package or kit (which has the collected sample).

      5) The sample will be going to the lab in Hyderabad. Once the sample reaches the lab in Chennai, your job is done.

      6) Once analysis begins it takes about 1 month for the results to come.

      7) Once results are out we will setup a intrepretation call with you to explain the results of the test. One of our expert functional nutritionists will be taking the call with you.

      Sample type : Saliva Sample 

      Interactive Sample Report :

      Who should go for this test ?  Anyone can go for this test.

      What does this test include ? 

      • Sample collection kit
      • Test reports (Self decode health risks & Bio-hacker reports).These reports can be used by you to understand your health risks & structure your diet & supplements accordingly.
      • Sample collection & logistics guidance
      • 1-Hour report interpretation call with our expert functional nutritionists to understand your reports in detail.

      Genetic Variants to Watch Out For :

      Why do these variations occur? Genes are passed from parent to child with each and every cell containing a set of genetic instructions. When an existing cell divides to make a new cell, it copies its set of genetic instructions. However, sometimes these instructions are copied incorrectly, like a typo, which leads to variations in the DNA sequence. This is called a single nucleotide polymorphism or SNP (pronounced “snip”).

      If you’re exploring genetic variants with your healthcare provider, we recommend looking for these variants, in particular

       MTHFR, Methofolate, IL-6, NADPH, Glutothyone, GSR, NQ01, G6PD, NOX Enzyme, Nrf2, Keap1, FADs Enzymes, ENOS Enzyme, INOS Enzyme, COMT

      For practitioners, who do not want the interpretation call from us and want to interpret the reports by themselves, please contact our team below.

      Contact us:

      For any logistics/shipping/packaging-related queries you can contact Mr.Aditya Sangore at +91 8956535768

      For any technical queries contact Mr. Aditya at +91 89565 35768

      For all other general/payment/order-related queries contact Mr. Aditya at +91 8656535768.

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