GI MAP Stool Analysis by Diagnostic Solution Laboratory, US
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    iThrive Healing and Beyond in collaboration with Diagnostic Solution Laboratory presents GI MAP Stool Test. (Sample Fedex Shipping charges to the USA already included).

    The 'GI-MAP comprehensive stool test' was developed to provide a diagnostic tool that offers unmatched insight into a patient’s unique microbiome. The GI-MAP stool analysis evaluates the DNA of the organisms living within the gut using the most advanced qPCR technology for results you can rely on.

    Once you receive the kit : Kindly call +91 8956535768 for further instructions. If you're a practitioner and want to order this test for your client, please connect on the same number.

    Some conditions that warrant testing are:

    • Autoimmune diseases
    • IBS/IBD
    • Digestive complaints, diarrhoea or constipation
    • Brain fog
    • Skin problems, like acne and psoriasis
    • Mood disorders, depression, and anxiety
    • Diabetes and weight loss issues.

    Medications to avoid before the test :

    ->No Antibiotics for at least 1 week before the test.

    -> No Probiotics 1 week before taking the test.


    How is the test done?

    • Confirm the test with us and pay 100% in advance for this test. We will send you the sample collection test kit to collect the sample.
    • The Kit contains all the information and tools to collect the sample. Our team will guide you on that.
    • Please contact our team on the below numbers to understand the entire process of the test & the shipping process.
    • Fill out all the documents.
    • Once the sample is ready, FedEx pickup person will pickup the sample from your home.
    • If you order the kit in another country, You need to find a courier company yourself. We will help you and provide you with all the necessary documents.
    • The international FedEx shipping charges to the USA are already included in the test price.
    • Reports will take 3 weeks to come.

    Contact us:

    • For any logistics/shipping/packaging-related queries you can contact Mr.Aditya  at +91 89565 35768
    • For any technical queries & test instructions contact Aditya at +91 89565 35768
    • For all other general/payment/order-related queries contact Aditya at +91 8656535768.
    • The alternative number for queries will be +91 77966 92506
    • Once you ship to the lab, please update us & keep us in the loop. Reports will arrive in 3 weeks once the sample reaches the lab. We will keep you informed on the same.
    • Please note that iThrive will not be responsible for any loss of sample during logistics & shipping.
    • Charges for Fedex shipping are included in the test cost.

    Sample Report:

    More Information:

    Why one should consider GI MAP over other tests ?

    Unlike other comprehensive stool testing offered the market, the GI-MAP identifies the quantitative value corresponding to each biomarker. This quantitative analysis allows practitioners to see how high or low a value is and whether it needs to be treated. The positive and negative values other stool testing analyses provide lack this specificity.

    The GI-MAP uses qPCR technology that looks at the DNA of the pathogens within the gut (rather than the DNA of the patient). This gene-sequencing technology offers unmatched insight into precisely what is occurring in a patient’s gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Treatment progress can be monitored on retests by viewing whether the quantitative value of a biomarker has responded to treatment.

    The GI-MAP also reports on antibiotic resistance and virulence factors, helping to take the guesswork out of treatment. The gut is highly complex; and, the GI-MAP optimizes the practitioner’s ability to practice personalized, precision medicine by reporting on the specific DNA findings within a patient’s microbiome

    If you want to order this test internationally or out of India, please connect with our customer care.

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