The Role of Astaxanthin and Choline in Krill Oil

Amid the rising popularity of fish oil as a source of Omega-3s, Krill Oil has emerged as a marine-derived powerhouse. From its unique composition to its sustainable sourcing, Krill Oil stands as a testament to the potential of nature's bounty in promoting optimal health and well-being. It is not just a supplement but a great companion on the journey to enhanced vitality.

Krill oil has a plethora of reasons for being a better supplement than fish oil. In this blog we’ll talk about its two ingredients Astaxanthin and choline, their roles and the extraordinary benefits they bring to the table.


Astaxanthin: The Potent Antioxidant

Krill Oil's nutritional prowess lies in Astaxanthin, a carotenoid pigment responsible for the vibrant hues observed in marine organisms like krill and other crustaceans. Carotenoids are yellow, orange, and red organic pigments that are produced by plants and algae, as well as several bacteria, archaea, and fungi.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Astaxanthin plays a pivotal role in the body's defense against oxidative stress. Astaxanthin has the ability to neutralize free radicals – the notorious molecules implicated in cellular damage and aging. 

This is possible due to its unique interaction with cell membranes in our bodies, it neutralises harmful free radicals or other oxidants by either accepting or donating electrons, without being destroyed or acquiring pro-oxidant properties in the process. 

It is due to these unique lipid-soluble antioxidant properties that makes it a much better supplement than fish oil. 

It has been crowned "King of the Carotenoids" because astaxanthin is five times more potent than beta-carotene (pigment providing carrots and other plants their red-orange color) and is 6,000 times more potent than vitamin C!

It also improves cardiovascular health, enhances skin elasticity, and promotes joint health. Krill Oil, with its abundance of Astaxanthin, can really help someone seeking to fortify their overall well-being.

Choline: The Cognitive Ally

Choline, a unique compound found in your body, is used in different forms for multiple body functions. It is an essential nutrient that your body needs daily. It serves as a precursor to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter important for cognitive function and mood regulation. Your body can make small amounts of choline in the liver, but most of it is outsourced. 

Choline plays a role in the synthesis of cell membranes and so it is present in all tissues in significant amounts. Your brain and nervous system needs choline to look after memory, mood, muscle control and other functions.

Some research shows that choline might help keep the heart and blood vessels healthy, partly by reducing blood pressure. It can also improve liver health by facilitating the metabolism of fats and cholesterol. Hence, choline is quite versatile in promoting optimal bodily functions.

What truly sets Krill Oil apart is the unique synergy between Astaxanthin and Choline. The interplay of these two potent compounds creates a nutritional powerhouse with Astaxanthin's antioxidant properties and Choline's cognitive benefits.


Get your Omega-3s from Krill 

Krill oil gives you the richness of Omega-3 fatty acids with the illuminating properties of Astaxanthin and Choline. Omega-3s lie at the core of cell functions and help with preventing heart diseases, aid brain growth and functioning, and enhance immune response. Krill oil is directly picked from its habitat in the fresh waters of Antarctica

As you embark on your journey towards optimal well-being, consider the unique and synergistic benefits that Krill Oil can offer. Make an informed choice that aligns with your health goals, and embrace the power of Astaxanthin and Choline in Krill Oil – a natural elixir for a vibrant and balanced life.





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