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Decadent Chocolate Brownie Premix – 215g

Decadent Chocolate Brownie Premix – 215g

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Bake Dark & Delicious Brownies infused with nourishment in every heavenly bite

Quickly Bake some delicious goodies for yourself or give your little one a hearty treat, with NOSH you’ll get flavourful delicacies replete with wholesome nutrients.

 Cooking Instructions:

Step 1: Add the premix into a bowl

Step 2: Mix the wet ingredients into it

Step 3: Bake with love and dive straight in!


Gluten-Free Organic Steel cut oats Flour

Organic Dutch-processed cocoa powder

Natural Vanilla Bean powder

Aluminum-free baking powder

Himalayan Pink Salt


Nutritional info (Per 100 gms)

Energy: 410.96 kcal

Carbohydrates: 62.58g

Protein: 12.26g

Fats: 12.40g

Total Sugars: <1g

From diligently choosing the ingredients to processing the products to packaging, our experts monitor the entire process to ensure that every pack meets high-quality standards.

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