Common FAQs

How many days will it take for the product to get delivered to your place?

Generally, for metro cities, the delivery is very quick and you will receive your package in a maximum of 2-3 days once ordered. If you live in places apart from metro cities, it will take around a maximum of 4-5 days but this is also in rare cases.

We try to dispatch the orders as soon as possible once they are placed, but if you experience hasn't received the order in the given take, do reach out to us through the contact us section on our website.


I am not able to apply a discount coupon on a specific order?

If you're trying to apply a discount coupon on a Combo order then it will not work as discount coupons are not applicable on combo orders or special discount items. Also if your cart contains one combo item and the other one is a regular item , still the discount coupon won't apply to the total order amount.


What is the recommended dosage of each product?

All of the recommended servings are listed on each product and also in the product description. The dosages may vary according to the recommendation of your practitioner, nutritionist or doctor.


How do I take iThrive Essentials Supplements?

It can be taken with or without food or away from meals. It all depends on what supplement we are consuming. Recommendations on when to consume a supplement have been mentioned in the product description of each product & also it is best to take the guidance of our health practitioner and nutritionist before consuming any product.


Why do I buy iThrive Essentials products?

Because we are the best in India when it comes to quality and efficacy in health supplements. We try to put the least amount of additives, fillers & preservatives in our products and just like nutrients from food, our supplements are highly bio-available and get absorbed in the body very well.


Will I experience side effects from our products?

As these are food-based nutraceutical health supplements, the chances of experiencing side effects are very rare. Still, a few sensitive people or those with complex health conditions may likely feel some effects from the products, but that too is very rare. This can range from temporary breakouts of acne on the skin to fatigue.

It is best to take the help of the nutritionists at iThrive & follow their protocol to minimize the amount of turbulence experienced. Drinking adequate water is also very important. If you feel that you are experiencing unwanted symptoms exclusively from the consumption of your supplements, do report this to us through the contact us section on our website.


Are your products safe for pregnancy?

We are not doctors and cannot prescribe anything for specific situations. That is a question best fit for your doctor or ideally, your naturopathic physician. 


I paid for my product & still haven't received it?

If you have paid for your order & even after 7 days you still haven't received it then most likely it is due to a technical error. If this has happened to you, do reach out to us, through the contact us section on our website or by clicking the chat with us button located in the bottom right corner of our website.

Also, in the case of pre-order offers, even if you have paid for the product beforehand, the product will only get dispatched as per the expected shipping date. Also please don't panic in these situations, your payment is safe with us and we will provide any assistance that is possible in your case.


I ordered the wrong product, will I get a refund?

We do not offer direct refunds, but you can return the product to our warehouse & we will have that amount with us in form of store credits and you can purchase other products using those credits.


I want to return the product as I ordered the product by mistake?

Sorry, we do not offer a return for our products if ordered by mistake.


My order looks tampered & damaged, what should I do?

These cases are very rare, if such a thing happens with you, take photographs of the product and do contact us and we'll get back to you very soon.


The payment was deducted from my bank account but the order was not successful?

Again, these cases are rare and if it happens to you, do wait for a maximum of 7 working days for a refund from the payment gateway. If still, you haven't received the refund, do contact us and we will provide you with the best help that we can offer.


Do you offer wholesale?

No, and we don't plan to do so for the foreseeable future but in special cases, we can consider it. Essentials is an online-only, consumer-direct brand. But if you are a reputed distributor who is genuinely interested in our products, then please contact us at


Do we offer B2B Packages for Companies ?

Yes, we do have bulk packages for companies for purposes like employee gifting or employee wellness, etc. In case, you have a requirement, kindly reach out to us on the above contact numbers or drop us a mail on